The Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Society is pleased to announce that for our Tenth Anniversary we will present some of Gilbert & Sullivan's most lyrical songs and memorable characters, in The Yeomen of the Guard — set in the Tower of London during Henry VIII’s reign, with drama, comedy, and the soaring orchestral music for which our namesakes are world renowned. Please keep the weekend of June 15, 16, 17, 2018 open on your calendar!

We have assembled a wonderful cast for our lead actors - some are new to our group and some have delighted our audiences in the past:

Sir Richard Cholmondely, Lieutenant of the Tower           Michael Dutka

Colonel Fairfax, under sentence of death                        Derek Hess

Sergeant Meryll of the Yeomen of the Guard                   David Swartz

Leonard Meryll, his Son                                                   Chris Capitolo

Jack Point, a Strolling Jester                                           Gabriel Nathan

Wilfred Shadbolt, Head Jailer & Asst. Tormenter            Bob Binkley

Elsie Maynard, a Strolling Singer                                    Allison Deratzian

Phoebe Meryll, Sergeant Meryll's Daughter                    Abigail Capitolo

Dame Carruthers, Housekeeper to the Tower                 Theresa Swartz

Kate, niece to Dame Carruthers                                      Elise Genzlinger

Second Yeoman                                                             George Achilles

Our director for The Yeomen of the Guard is Bob Kinney and assistant directing is Bob Binkley, with Bill Buckman producing the show. Lee Milhous will once again conduct the Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Orchestra.

We look forward to bringing this exciting musical experience to Delaware Valley audiences.


For this year's Tenth Anniversary Production we'd like to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of 'The Yeoman of the Guard' with interesting details about its soaring music, colorful characters and dramatic story, all of which have delighted audiences since the opera's debut in 1888. Perhaps you have friends you would like to share this with - please forward this email to them, we'd love to add them to our audience! They can simply click HERE to add their names to our email list, and receive fun historic and musical info that will make seeing Yeomen even more enjoyable.


                               This the autumn of our life,
                                           This the evening of our day;
                               Weary we of battle strife,
                                           Weary we of mortal fray.
                                But our year is not so spent,
                                           And our days are not so faded,
                                But that we with one consent,
                                           Were our loved land invaded,
                                Still would face a foreign foe,
                                            As in days of long ago.
                                Still would face a foreign foe,
                                            As in days of long ago.
The Yeomen bring prisoners to and from the Tower, and at times even escort them to their execution. One such prisoner in the opera is Colonel Fairfax, who has been sentenced to death for sorcery. We'll tell more about him in our next posting.


What is a Yeoman?
Well, that's an interesting story! The Yeomen Warders, popularly known as the Beefeaters, are ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London and the British Crown Jewels. A part of the Tower of London was used as a prison, starting all the way back in the year 1100 and continuing until 1952. The Yeomen Warders were formed in 1485 by King Henry VII, and their colorful uniforms have changed very little since the Tudor era over 500 years ago.

Today's Yeomen are all retired members of the Queen's armed forces, just as the characters in "The Yeomen of the Guard" are. Our musical Yeomen are older soldiers who fondly sing of their devotion to England, and are still proud to leap to her defense:

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